Melnick Lake

Melnick Lake
The Melnick Lake area is located approximately 30 km north of the Waspison block, and 14 km west of the Manitoba border. Bedrock geology in this area comprises a folded sequence of pelitic, psammitc, and calc-silicate rocks intruded by Proterozoic leucogranite and radioactive pegmatite. No Archean granitic domes have been mapped in the area.

Several linear conductors in the area trend NE and could be associated with graphitic pelite on the fl anks of leucogranite intrusions. An 8 km long linear trend of high uranium values (up to 61 ppm U) in lake-bottom sediments extend NE through the area, suggesting an underlying fault or geological control and possibly the presence of subsurface uranium mineralization. Alternatively, high lake-sediment uranium values may simply be related to bands of U-bearing pegmatite and therefore more geological examination is needed.

Historic assessment reports indicate that numerous granite/pegmatite-hosted uranium occurrences were discovered in this area (up to 2.71% U3O8), as well as a number of sediment-hosted base-metal showings unrelated to U mineralization. It is not known if any metasedimentary-hosted U has been described in the Melnick area, so ongoing research and mapping is warranted. Airborne radiometric surveys may be of limited use in this area due to the high proportion of radioactive pegmatite relative to metasedimentary rocks. However, metasedimentary-hosted mineralization is expected to have broader dispersion than the pegmatites, and may show up as anomalies coincident with conductors or lithology/structural trends.