Waspison Lake

The Waspison Lake area is located approximately 20 km SE of Sava Lake and 12 km W of the Manitoba border. Current regional geological maps show the Waspison area underlain by a continuous sequence of folded psammite, with minor quartzite and pelite, intruded by radioactive pegmatite bodies. Though the area is located in the central Wollaston Domain and removed from the Collins Bay-Eagle Point structural corridor, rock units at Waspison are interpreted as belonging to the lower to middle sequence of the Wollaston Supergroup, and may contain similar stratigraphic equivalents.

The main area of interest is bounded to the NE & SW by two parallel NW-trending MacKenzie diabase dykes. Research has yet to locate recent surveys on the property since SMDC performed airborne VLF-EM in 1977. Airphoto and regional geophysical lineament analysis have determined that the area contains numerous curvilinear features in favourable N to NE-trending orientations, several which are spatially associated with very strong lake sediment geochemical anomalies.

Of particular interest is a N to NNW-trending fault zone at the SW end of the claim block (lake sediment values up to 103 ppm U) and the ENE-trending fault in the central claim of the Waspison Block (lake sediment values of 166 ppm U). These fault trends cross cut several conductors and will need to be examined on the ground to determine if the areas host favourable rocks, and targeted soil and lake sediment sampling will be required to help generate drill targets. However, the presence of 98th &99th percentile lake-sediment anaomolies is extremely encouraging for future exploration in this area, especially considering their coincidence with interpreted fault zones.