Kingston Lake

Kingston LakeKingston Lake
The Kingston Lake area is located approximately 40 km NE of Burrill Bay and is likewise situated just SE of the Wollaston-Mudjatik transition. The area is structurally complex, with metasedimentary units folded and pinched between granite-amphibolite domes on all sides. Pelitic to psammitic metasedimentary units and calc-silicate horizons wrap around the domes, and structural orientation changes direction from NE-SW to E-W around the main dome. It is interpreted that both compressional and extensional structural regimes exist in the area, with lineament analysis identifying a number of faults occurring in favourable N-NE to E-ENE orientations.

A 10 km long cluster of very anomalous recent lake sediment anomalies (up to 81 ppm U) occur in an area bounded by the north trending faults and along the contact between granitic domes and overlying metasedimentary units, suggesting that the contact zones are structurally and lithologically favourable for uranium mineralization. At least three or 4fourTabbernor faults trend N-S through the area.

Several conductors in the area are most likely associated with graphitic pelite, but recent EM coverage (Triex 2005) is incomplete and there is a need to expand and resurvey existing EM coverage to target the most prospective parts of the metasedimentary belt (e.g. the NE to E trending parts of the belt).